Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Image result for hope picturesWhat is hope?  Hope has a different meaning to everyone.  My definition of hope is that it is the feeling of finding light in the darkness or knowing that everything is going to be okay at the end.  Hope comes from the situation you are in.  It depends what you are doing or where you are at, meaning you would feel different type of hope.  Many things can threaten hope.  One main thing is disappointment.   Disappointment threatens hope because if you are disappointed, then it is hard for you to have any hope at all.  Darkness can also threaten your hope, but you have the light and try to encourage yourself.  My family gives me hope.  Especially my brother, my brother gives me the most hope because of everything he has been through.  He was also the first that graduated from a four year university in my family.  A time where my family showed hope was when I was younger and we lived in an apartment in a horrible place.  My parents did not like the place we lived in but would not tell us that because they did not want us to be sad about it and worry as well.   So then one day my parents decided to move and get our own house.  Now we are actually happy with where we live and we do not have synthetic happiness.   That gave me hope and whenever I am in a bad situation I think about that time and I start to find light in the situation that I am in.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Response to "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas"

Image result for happiness locked in jailThe society in this story is easy to convince with lies.  The people are very gullible, if they are fed false information they slowly take in it and start to believe it.  The child in the story is probably a symbol of youth of happiness.  Usually the youth are always happy, basically they have happiness.  Almost everyone in the city believes that the boy is locked up because they would take their happiness away.  Basically people think that if the boy let out then he would take everyone's happiness away, but if he is locked up then everyone would have their happiness and be happy forever.  The people who walk away are the ones who understand what are happening.  They understand that the boy has nothing to do with the city's happiness and that he is being locked up and abused for no reason.  Some even believe that the boy should not be in there.  Most of the village go to visit him and see him to see how he is doing in the basement.  People from the city are usually sad for a day or two but after that they start to believe the false information about how the boy would take their happiness away if he was not locked up.  The parallels between this and our society is that people think if something is taken away from us than our happiness would be taken away as well.  This is what I believe because people in our society usually believe what they hear.  The society in this story also believe what they hear as well.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social Justice

Image result for social justiceSocial Justice is based on the concepts of human rights and equality.  In the ted talk "America's forgotten working class" by J. D. Vance, Vance talks about how people compared from how they are rich or poor and many other thing.  Vance inserts how people do not expect people with lower incomes to have high stands, like to go to nice colleges for example.  Vance himself got accepted to Yale and his own uncle asked him what he did in order to get in because he could not believe that he actually got in.  This connects to a time where I won a price that I deserved because I earned it but then someone then asked me how I got the price because supposedly I did not deserve it.  Vance then talks about how life of teens whose parents have lower incomes usually have a bad childhood.  They see things as a child that scar them for life.  Like seeing their parents argue, or seeing death happen, etc.   For example, I once heard that there was a girl who lost her parents at a young age because someone shot them.  The little girl was so shocked about it that it just changed her as a person.  The older she got the worse the things she would do would get.  She would do drugs since it was apparently a way for her to stop thinking about her parents and all her worries.  Social justice is everywhere and is a major problem in our society.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happiness in the moment

Image result for happinessIn the ted talk "Want to be happier? Stay in the moment" by Matt Killingsworth is about how us humans expect things to make us happy.  For example, a boy I know once asked for a car for his birthday and he said if he got it then he would be very happy.  So the parents decided to get their boy a car.  Once the boy got the car, he was happy for only a little while until he noticed having a car didn't really make him that happy.  You see, in the last fifty years, us Americans have gotten a lot of the things that we have wanted.  In life, everyone wants a lot of things, but what we mostly want is happiness.  We also try so hard to force ourselves to find it that we end up unhappy and or depressed.  Happiness should come naturally because we can not force ourselves to be happy.  Us trying to force ourselves to be happy is like buying a pair of jeans two times smaller than the ones you already wear and trying to make them fit knowing that it is not your size.  Killingsworth found out that people are less happy when their minds are wondering than when they are not.  I remember a time (when I was younger) I had wanted a very popular toy that all the other girls in my grade had.  I also wanted one because I thought it could be fun to play with and make me happy.  So my parents decided to get it for me and I was super happy when I first got it, but when I actually started to play with it more and more, I got very tired of it and left it in the corner of the house.  Moral of the story, us humans cannot force ourselves to be happy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Surprising Science of Happiness

Image result for synthetic happinessHappiness can be synthesized, which means it can be man made.  In his ted talk, "The Surprising Science of Happiness" Dan Gilbert discusses how many people force themselves to be happy.  He also discusses "The psychological immune system works best... when we are trapped."  By this he means when we are trapped in a bad situation, we then try to make the best of it so we don't see all the bad from the problem we are stuck in.  Synthetic happiness is different from real happiness.  Synthetic happiness is when we do not get what we want with trying (very hard).  While real happiness is getting what we want without trying, naturally.  What Gilbert meant by "our psychological immune system" is that we ignore the bad and try to make it the best so a psychological immune makes everything to its best.  Basically the psychological immune system makes everything good try to look better since it is something bad.  Impact bias is that most human beings tend to have a bias that tends to make them imagine it is going to have a great impact (basically overreacting).  We have all faced a time where we had to synthesized our happiness.  Synthetic happiness is what we make something when we do not get something that we want.  For example, a time where I showed synthetic happiness was during Christmas.  I had already told my sister what I had wanted but instead she got me something else.  So I tried making the best out the situation, that way I would not make my sister feel bad. 

Monday, January 9, 2017


 Everyone has their own definition of happiness.  My happiness is my friends, food, sports, but most importantly my family.  My family is my happiness because they are the people who look after me and won't turn their backs on me when I most need them.  They are always there for me when I most need them and at the end of the day, they are the reason why I have a roof over my head and and all the resources I need in order to survive.  My mothers definition of happiness is seeing her kids happy everyday without any worries.  On of my brothers definition is having no worries.  Everyone has their own different type of happiness.  It does not have to be one certain thing, it can be multiple things.  It can even be something very small that isn't really important to anyone else but is very important to you.  One thing that makes me very happy (school wise) is getting good grades on my work.  This makes me happy because that good grade shows that I am capable of doing anything if I put work into it.  Although there will be times that will be very hard for people, it is good for them to have a smile on their face because at the end of the day we are blessed every morning when we wake up from sleep and we are alive.  That is another thing that makes me happy, the reason why is because everyday is a blessing for m.  Everyday is a blessing because there are people out there who sometimes do not wake up the next morning.  Life is about being happy with the people who you love and enjoy being around.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Image result for gritThe power of passion and perseverance matters because it is really important.  Grit is sticking with your future.  Grit is living life like it is a marathon, not a sprint.  Kids took a grit test in school, the ones that were more grittier were the ones who were most likely to graduate and be successful in life.  Grit matters everywhere, especially in schools.  Talent does not make you gritty.  Talent has nothing to do with Grit.  Growth mindset is what helps a kid in school.  Growth mindset is basically telling yourself that you can do something and it is not impossible.  For example, a student can think he or she may not pass a class because they do not understand it or do not pay attention, but the student can tell him/herself that it is possible for he or she to still pass the class because it is not to late to do so.  The ability to learn is not fixed and it can change with your effort.  Growth mindset is a great way for building grit.  In growth mindset you may fail the first few times you try, but you have to work for the great things in life.  The great things in life are not handed to you because you need to work for them.  When you work hard, there are many great things to come with it.  But if do not work hard and expect great things to happen, there won't because you need to suffer a little bit first in order to be successful.